How to protect your lower back when lifting

I have had tight hamstrings and glutes ever since I can remember. This has resulted in a lot of discomfort when Im doing, well, everything!! I love to deadlift. Picking heavy s**t off the floor feels good for some reason. However, I always suffer for a few days after. Over the years I have tried yoga, physio, and pilates to try and improve my pathetic hip mobility but I had very little improvement. Probably because I never actually stuck to any of them! Last month I decided to have another crack at sorting this weakness out. Whatever the plan was it needed it to be a realistic one. Something I would do regularly and stick to otherwise it would just end up as successful as my attempts at pilates and yoga. I decided to add 3 x 10 reps of dynamic hip hinges into my warm up before every single training session. That is it. blog-fitnovatives-121913-3 By the way, you don’t need the pole! After just two weeks I can see a massive improvement already. My back no longer hurts after deadlfiting and I am now deadlfiting more often than I ever had. I feel looser and even sitting in front of the computer and driving feels nicer. I decided to incorporate this into one of my clients warm ups too as he suffers with lower back problems. Since then his squat and deadlift technique has dramatically improved too, and he also says he feels much better. If you have tight hamstrings and glutes then I recomend you give it a go. It doesn’t take long and Im sure you will also reap the benefits if you do. Remember it needs to be done regularly though. Every day would be great but three times a week is all my client needed to see improvement.   If your passionate about exercise, health and fitness then have you considered training to be a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer? We run personal training certification courses in Sussex and the Brighton area. Give us a call for more information 01273 613014 or email

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