How to plan a kettlebell workout

As we are all on ‘lockdown’ and can’t get to the gym any more, I decided to take my neighbours for a home kettlebell workout. With the wonders of technology, none of us had to even leave our homes. Thanks to Youtube and SMART TV’s I even managed to get my folks to join in. Before we dive into that I have given a brief explanation below as to how you can plan your own kettlebell workout.

How to plan a kettlebell workout

When planning a kettlebell class you must make sure that you are not going to develop any muscular imbalances with an overabundance of focus in just one area. Try to keep the workout balanced across all the major muscle groups. By all means, add a little more focus to one area but try to include a bit of everything.

A simple way to do this is to make sure you include exercises that fit under the following categories:

  • Upper body pushing (Overhead pressing)
  • Upper body pulling (rowing)
  • Lower body pushing (squats, lunges, step up’s)
  • Lower body pulling (swings, deadlifts, good mornings)

As a general rule kettlebell exercises target the core pretty well, especially when working unilaterally (one arm at a time) but you may like to add in some additional core work such as a kettlebell wood chop to develop some rotational strength. You could also add on some isolation work for specific areas such a bicep curl or tricep extension. Finally, you may wish to add on some combination sets such as thrusters (squat with overhead press). They are a great way to really ramp up the heart rate. Most importantly make sure you enjoy it. The more you enjoy exercising the easier it is to build it into your daily routine.

Enjoying a kettlebell workout with the neighbours

Stay active and stay safe folks 😀

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