How long does it take to qualify as a personal trainer?

how to qualify as a personal trainer

Making the transition from being an employee to becoming a self employed personal trainer can be a little scary so we always recommend that you do your research first and ask the right questions before you enrol onto your course. A question we get asked a lot is ‘How long does it take to qualify as a personal trainer?’

8-weeks to qualify as a personal trainer

It typically takes our students 8-weeks to qualify as a personal trainer. However, we have a flexible approach to learning so this can be longer or shorter depending on our students availability and the time they are able to commit to study.

Most training providers have set days, times and dates that you must attend to qualify as a personal trainer, however at Storm Fitness Academy we understand that can be a barrier for some people. If you are already working and have lots of other commitments such as looking after your children then aligning your schedule with these set days and times isn’t always a possibility, without incurring considerable stress. We want you to enjoy your learning with us and we want to get the best out of you without life getting in the way which is why we have a very unique delivery model. 

Course induction

Before you begin your course you will attend a one to one course induction with our Fitness Education Manager, at our Academy at Southwick Leisure Centre, or this can be carried out over the phone if requested. During your course induction you will discuss the details of your course and book in all of your tutorials, workshops, assessments and exams to fit in with your own schedule. So you will know exactly what you will have to attend and when you will graduate. You will also receive guidance on how to access additional study resources to help you with your learning, and answer any questions you might have. 

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