The ‘NUMBER ONE’ Healthy Habit

The ‘NUMBER ONE’ Healthy Habit - Drink plenty of water
It’s not a coincidence that roughly two thirds of our body is made up of water AND two thirds of our planet is covered with the stuff. All living things need it.  If you are looking to adopt some more healthy habits into your life then drinking plenty of water is the best place to start – aiming for eight cups a day. For our cells to function at their best, they need a good supply of water and if we don’t look after our cells, everything suffers.
Also, if you’re looking at dropping some body fat then you should definitely consider the magic of H2O. One of the liver’s many functions is to metabolise fat, however it also has to help out the kidneys on occasion. The kidneys rely on water to function properly, so if they are not receiving enough water, the liver has to help out with the workload. This means the liver can’t metabolise fat as effectively. It all starts with water!
The suggested 8 cups of water a day is a rough guide. However, the bodies demand for different nutrients is dependent on several factors. One of those factors is body weight. To calculate a more accurate estimation of how much water your body requires you can use the following equation. Body weight in pounds divided by 2 = number of ounces of fluid per day 1 fluid ounce = 0.03 litres Example: A man weighing 200 lbs should aim to drink minimum of 3 litres of water a day. 200 / 2 = 100 100 x 0.03 = 3 However, a good starting point is to develop the habit of drinking a large glass of water with every meal, including snacks.  This will also make you feel fuller and help prevent an over consumption of calories.  Photo on 01-06-2016 at 08.52 #2

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