Have Fun!

why fit pros need to have fun

Last week I shared maxim number 8 with you: Remove the negatives

As promised here is this week’s maxim for you.

#9 Have fun!

Last week’s article was pretty deep.

This week I want to remind you of the importance as a fitness professional to have fun.

In a radio interview, I heard Lennie James, the actor, say, “Have as much fun as you can taking life seriously”.

My interpretation of his words was, be the best you can be at what you do but make sure you have fun doing it. They both have value, so don’t sacrifice one at the expense of the other.

I love this.

I definitely want to look back on my death bed, knowing I was great at what I did and had loads of fun in the process.

A good sense of humour is attractive, and negativity, doom and gloom is repellent.

Attract what you give out

If you want to attract the right clients, give out what you want to get back.

Build good relationships with your clients and have fun with them.

There is no shortage of fitness professionals that use social media to rant and put down other trainers in the industry, but I don’t engage in any of that.

I occasionally get challenging comments on YouTube, and it is very tempting to reply and put them in their place. 

However, they are not there to learn or be corrected. Trolls want attention and have no choice but to piggyback on somebody else’s platform to get it. 

So I don’t feed the trolls! 

Although, James Blunt does have a slightly different approach to dealing with trolls.

Check out his replies to some of the mean tweets he has received!

James Blunt replies to mean tweets.

I would not encourage you to take the same approach as it is risky and could backfire, but I love how he is taking it all on the chin and having fun, instead of throwing his toys out of the pram.

As you grow your fitness business, you may get some negativity. Don’t focus on it. 

Focus on the ones you help that appreciate your work and what you do.

And remember all work, no play makes a dull fit pro! So take your job seriously but make sure you have fun in the process.



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