Are you looking for ways to generate strong leads for your PT business? There is a really simple way to make a huge impact. The answer is Micro-Influencers.

What is a micro-influencer?

A micro-influencer is a social-media user that has attracted of following of between 1,000 and 10,000 people. They are no longer mere consumers – because of the large community (or tribe) that they have built . However, they  aren’t quite celebrities yet.

If they create content on social media channels (Instagram/YouTube/Facebook/ Twitter etc). If they attract high levels of engagement (likes/comments/shares). They are micro-influencers and are potentially of value to your business.

Why work with a micro-influencer?  

Micro-influencers not only offer huge exposure for your business among local audiences but their recommendation carries a huge amount of weight. They are ‘influencers’ after all – when they recommend, their audience listens.

They can increase your credibility, help share your brand story and educate new audiences about the benefits of your services and approach.

Not only can micro influencers benefit you but you can benefit them. By offering an interesting experience they can create content around a free one-on-one PT session, a personalised diet plan, a pass to your summer seafront bootcamp, a personal HIIT session for them in their garden.

They benefit from the experience (which they are always looking for) and you get to reach their audience when they vlog about their time with you or share their sweaty post workout selfie in front of your logo.

How to find your influencers

Finding the right influencer is easy thanks to the nature of the channels they use.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network at the moment and represents the biggest opportunity, so we’ll start there. If you are interested in future we can repeat this exercise on other channels (just let us know).

  • Open the Instagram app (if you don’t have an account – make one and spend a few days playing around on it, finding your friends and following people who interest you).
  • Click the magnifying glass at the bottom.
  • Type the name of your town/city/gym/local park in the search bar.
  • Select ‘Places’ on the far right.
  • Select the name that best relates to your location. Instagram

You will now be presented with all the posts that have been tagged in your location – starting with the most popular.

  • Scroll through these images and explore the accounts of the people who have taken pictures in your area (by clicking on their profile name). Who are they? How many followers do they have? Do they represent your target client, does their following?
  • Find someone who you think would be a perfect fit for your PT brand and follow them (click follow next to their name).
  • On their profile page, click the Message button.

You can now send a direct message straight to them with a compelling pitch as to why they should take you up on your offer of a free PT session/free pass/free plan/access to your gym etc…  in exchange for appearing on their Instagram feed.

Do this for an hour. Approach 30 micro-influencers. If your pitch is right, and they are relevant people, more than one of them will convert.

Once you have built your confidence working with micro-influencers – you can take it further and start reaching further afield.

How can micro-influencers help to share your story?

There are numerous ways influencers can help share your story – depending upon their strengths and their audience. Here are a few ideas of how to leverage wider influencers. The approach may be slightly different, but in each case, simple explain what value you can bring to their audience.

  • Ask if you can write a fitness related post on their blog.
  • Ask if you can be a guest on their podcast (or start a podcast and invite them to be your guest).
  • Invite them to Facebook livestream a PT session with you.
  • Create great branded content and offer it to them to share it on their social channels.
  • Ask them to share your content with their mailing list.
  • Give away something to their audience. (A free 30min skype call to develop a bespoke nutritional plan?)
  • Invite them to do a takeover of your brand Instagram channel for 12 hours/the duration of a boot camp.

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