Give unconditional help

Last week I shared maxim number 10 with you: You are not just a Fit Pro

As promised here is this week’s maxim for you.

#11 Give unconditional help

As a fitness enthusiast, you read, watch, listen, and chat about all things fitness related. 

It’s your passion, and you enjoy it.

People ask you questions, and you are happy to share your knowledge and experience with them.

Once you become a fitness professional, this does not change.

You don’t suddenly decide that you have qualifications, so all of your advice and help comes at a price.

You must continue to share your passion and help as many people as possible.

How can I help?

You can do this online with social media, vlogging and blogging, or live at networking events, trade shows, and community events.

Many of the people you help will opt for some of your paid services, and that is great. Money really helps to pay the bills!

Your paid services are designed and created to give your target audience a specific result with a fantastic user experience. 

However, not everyone needs that amount of help or support from you. Some will just require the advice you share in your blog, some inspiration from one of your videos, or just an answer to a question.

You have a responsibility to inform your followers about all of the services you provide and the results they can expect from them, but it is their choice to decide whether they want to invest or not.

Let me be clear, I am not suggesting you work for nothing.

Remember, this is your passion, so keep helping unconditionally. The more value you have to people, the more likely they will purchase your paid services over somebody else’s.

The end result is that you get to help many people, some paid, some unpaid. Both offer a substantial intrinsic reward.

Check out this 90-second video where I ask Ben Coomber what his biggest driver for revenue is. In around about way, his answer is: Using his content to help people “unpaid”!



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