Get more clients using the law of averages

how to get more clients

If you want to join the 40% of business owners that are successful beyond their first three years of trading, you must actively pursue more business.

As a fitness professional, you can predict and secure business growth using the law of averages.

In fact, with all sales, it is a numbers game.

Those of you my age or older will remember that people used to go door to door selling tea cosies!

They would knock and ask, “want to buy a tea cosie?”. If your answer was no, thank you, the seller would move on to the next house.

Those tea cosie entrepreneurs were using the law of averages. They knew that someone would want to buy one of their tea cosies if they knocked on enough doors, so they just kept knocking.

If you want more business, you have to keep knocking!

I don’t mean you should start going door to door. Come to think of it, why not?!

But my point is that every action you take towards generating more business is like knocking on someone’s door.

However, consistency is vital as you need to measure what is the most effective.

If you post every single day for 12-weeks on your social media channels and you pick up just three new clients. You could try posting twice a day for the following 12 weeks and see if you pick up six new clients. If you do anything consistently, a pattern will emerge, and then you can make predictions.

Once you have some numbers, you can then try improving those numbers by fine-tuning your methods. For example, make your social media posts more engaging with clearer call to actions and improve your sales call manner.

Check out a 2-minute segment of my interview with Ben Coomber via the link below.

In this segment, I ask Ben if he has read the book Bounce, which then turns into a conversation about how fitness professionals must use the law of averages if they want to be successful.

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