Fat loss without counting calories

Fat loss without counting calories may not be an optimal method for competitive bodybuilders or fitness models but it can still be effective and probably more sustainable. With any goal, you need to find the right plan for you and a plan that involves counting calories may not be your preference. So let’s investigate another option.

What I learnt about fat loss from living with lean people

Over the years I have lived with some lean individuals that don’t appear to ever work very hard at being in the shape that they are. They strut about in good physical shape (note the envy in my tone) making the rest of us feel jealous that they have been graced with such a wonderful metabolism. They must have great genes that allow them to eat what they like and not gain an ounce of unwanted fat. Unfortunately, this is not quite true. They do something that is quite simple that prevents them from gaining unwanted fat. They stop eating before they are full.

Stop eating before you are full

In order to increase body fat you have to create a calorie surplus (consume more energy then you utilise). To reduce body fat you have to create a calorie deficit (consume less energy than you utilise). How do lean people achieve this? Are they on a diet all the time? Are they counting calories all the time? No, they stop eating before they are full. It is so obvious really when you think about it. Any calories you don’t need will get stored as fat. So don’t eat calories you don’t need. I am not saying that is easy of course. If you love eating then you are going to have to do less of something you enjoy doing. 

How to stop eating before you are full

I never said this would be easy. In fact, I personally find it very difficult to stop eating before I am full so there is no easy way around this. Like any behaviour change, it is going to take some focus. The following tips will help: 

  1. Use smaller plates.
  2. Eat slowly.
  3. Drink water with every meal.
  4. Eat at a table without distraction.
  5. Consume high fibre/protein foods such as beans and vegetables.
  6. Distract yourself from comfort eating by doing something creative: drawing, crosswords, puzzles, lego, 

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