Fat loss training and mood-boosting

After a heavy weekend of eating and one too many glasses of vino I fancied doing a training session that was going to burn up some excess energy and relinquish the guilt of a marginally gluttonous weekend. So I knocked myself up a fat loss programme and gave it a whirl. Not only did I feel like the fat was melting off I also felt a tremendous mood boost from it.

What is fat loss training?

Fat loss training is training with the main objective being to maximise calorie output. In order to do that we need the session to be intense, utilise large muscle groups and lots of them. Although there are several ways we can programme for this, one of my preferred methods is a good old fashion muscular endurance circuit.

Muscular endurance circuit

Muscular endurance is typically any repetition range above 12. I like the 15-20 range because the reps are high enough to make you sweat, your muscles burn and your heart and lungs work hard but not too high that you cant move a reasonable load. When choosing your exercises one format I use is to choose one to two exercises from the following categories:

  1. A lower pull (dumbell deadlift).
  2. An upper body push (dumbell floor press).
  3. A lower body push (goblet squat).
  4. An upper body pull (TRX row).
  5. A core exercise that involves rotation (medicine ball woodchop) or isometric stability (plank).

Example programme

I did the following programme and it was a challenge but I felt great afterwards. For an idea of what weight to use I used 12kg kettlebells for the upper body lifts and a 20kg kettlebell for the lower body lifts.

20 reps x 3 circuits

  1. Kettlebell Snatch (switch arms after 10 reps).
  2. Kettlebell Overhead press.
  3. Kettlebell Goblet squat.
  4. Kettlebell single arm row.
  5. Kettlebell wood chop (switch sides after 10 reps).
  6. Kettlebell clean (switch arms after 10 reps).
  7. Kettlebell floor press.
  8. Kettlebell thrusters.
  9. Kettlebell single arm elbowing row.
  10. kettlebell farmers walks x 20-metres.

Enjoy 😉


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