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Although working as a personal trainer or coach is very rewarding, our income is usually restricted by the number of hours we are prepared to work and how much we can charge for the hour. Trainers and coaches can have a more lucrative business doing what they love if they also earn a passive income.

Earn a passive income with Workout Depot?

We are very excited to announce that Storm Fitness Academy is proud to partner with Workout Depot to offer our graduates half-price fees on a programme selling platform.

Earn a passive income


Workout Depot is the leading online platform for fitness professionals to sell their programming & workout plans online. Providing a complete solution for fitness professionals to expand their audience, generate additional income, and thrive online.

Individuals of all abilities, from those just beginning their fitness journey, through to seasoned athletes, rely on quality programming and workout plans to help them train for & achieve their goals. Following quality programming allows individuals to access the expert knowledge and expertise of a fitness professional, removing the guesswork & uncertainty from their training.

Meeting this demand for programming provides fitness professionals with a scalable income stream. One that can complement in-person PT sessions without proving a drain on time and resources. Selling programming & workout plans online allows fitness professionals to build their income outside of the gym floor and access a wider customer base.

The platform was designed with the sole focus of enabling fitness professional to sell their plans to a wider audience, whilst removing the expense and hassle required to create & maintain an eCommerce presence. Selling with us streamlines the process of selling programming, allowing fitness professionals to effectively market & sell their plans online, creating more time to spend coaching clients & creating quality programs. When signing up, each seller creates their own personalised seller portal. List & market workout plans, track sales & analytics, communicate with customers. The seller portal contains all the tools a fitness professional need to thrive selling workout plans online.

At our core, we believe that selling workout plans online should be; simple, efficient & affordable. Selling on our platform comes with no costly monthly subscriptions or listing fees. Only ever pay a fee when a plan is sold. We designed our platform to ensure that professionals selling with us could only ever make money & build their income. Through your affiliation with Storm Fitness, you can now get half-price fees for three months!

Start selling your programming today!


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