Developing your Social Conscience as a Personal Trainer

You might think, ‘what’s the point?’ But can developing your social conscience really help you become a better Personal Trainer?

Social Conscience, another aspect of Social Intelligence

If you Google social conscience it comes up with the following definition, ‘a sense of responsibility or concern for the problems and injustices of society.’ At this point you are probably thinking I’m crazy, taking one step too far into hippy heaven.  But just wait a minute, bear with me, hang on in there…

What exactly is the role of a Personal Trainer?

To get people fit? Maybe transform their shape? Teach people how to exercise effectively & safely? These are all great but aren’t people searching for something a bit more than that? How are you going to delve a little deeper into your role to develop loyalty and longevity with your clients? You’ve only got to watch Love Island to realise that focusing on surface goals creates transience and leads to that initial exciting connection fizzling out all too soon.

Why do people have Personal Trainers?

Why can’t we just lose the weight/ tone up/ commit to change on our own? Maybe we have an underlying lack of self esteem which we don’t want to admit to and have spent years being the life and soul of the party trying to mask it. We might have no clue how to prepare healthy meals because we came from a single parent family on a tight budget. We might have come from a background of smokers and can’t seem to give up. Maybe you’re a hard working teacher or nurse eating on the go, going for hours without a drink break. Your child/ friend/ acquaintance might be suffering from depression and not coping.

Sound a bit dramatic?

I guarantee if you heighten your awareness of these social issues you will start to find out how many of your clients have been touched by just this sort of thing. By opening your eyes to the world around you you will start to notice that people have more to worry about than how they are going to fit all of their holiday clothes into their luggage allowance. You will enable yourself to communicate and connect with your clients on a deeper level. You will become the trusted confidant of the gym members who will come straight to you when they are ready to make that change to their lifestyle. No longer will you just be a person to have a laugh and a joke with but you will gain substance.

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