CrossFit at MVMT42 – Part 4

Now that my 12-week challenge is over I can finally say goodbye to my obsession with fat loss and move over to a new goal. Don’t get me wrong dropping some bodyfat has been just what the doctor ordered. I feel healthier, more athletic, and as with the achievement of any goal, I feel a sense of pride for my hard work and perseverance. My attention span isn’t the greatest and I can’t stick to one thing for too long, in fact, 12-weeks focusing on one goal is a tad long for me. So it is definitely time to focus on something else.

Strength is the new skinny

We all have our own goals and our own motivations for training. Fat loss, strength, CV fitness, mental health, longevity, the list goes on. After carrying out some health and fitness assessments on myself recently I know that as far as health and longevity go I’m in a good place. My strength, cardio, and body composition are all in a healthy range. If I want to stay healthy then I could just continue to do what I am doing. However, maintenance is kinda boring! If I am not working towards improvement in some area then I get bored, so I need a new goal. Now as I said from a health point of view I’m in a good place and pretty well balanced in most areas of fitness which leaves me no choice but to get a little competitive with my peers.

A bit of healthy competition

I’m all about people working towards being the best version of themselves. You can quote me saying several times to my clients and students, it doesn’t matter what anyone else can do it is about what you can do and are you better than the person you were yesterday?

That being said when you find yourself in a good place physically, perhaps the best physical shape or your life, I don’t think it is a bad thing to draw some additional motivation from some good old fashion competition.

MVMT42 workouts

At MVMT42 every workout is planned by the coaches and uploaded to an app. When you attend a class if you so desire you can log your results within the app. This is great for two reasons:

  1. When you complete that workout again in the future you can see how you have progressed. The app will alert you if your results have improved, therefore confirming you are now a better athlete than you were the last time you did that workout.
  2. You can also view a leaderboard to see how you compared to the rest of the class. Although I would not recommend people use that function unless they have reached a reasonable level of fitness.

Leaderboard and goal setting

One of the useful things about the leaderboard is you start to notice patterns. For example, if the workout has a high endurance component to it and leans towards relative strength and running then I will place relatively high on the leaderboard. However, if the workout involves absolute strength then I will always sit behind the stronger guys. So for me to work my way further up that leaderboard I need to get stronger.

Now I think it is important to highlight once again that in reality it really does not matter whether I come bottom, middle or top of that leaderboard. As long as I am healthy and progressing towards being the best version of myself. However, I can’t put that to good use and see if I capable of more. With the help of the coaches at MVMT42, I’m pretty sure we are going to find out that I am 💪.

Take homes

  • When you are training to improve your physical fitness, assess yourself and determine your strengths and areas of development.
  • Focus on improving one of those areas of development.
  • When you are pretty well balanced in most areas and feel like you’re in a good place but want to push for more, try some healthy competition and see just how good you can get.

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