Cardiovascular training systems | Long slow distance training (LSD training)

Long slow duration (LSD) training also known as: continuous training; steady state training; endurance training or aerobic training, involves working for an extended period of time (usually 10+ minutes) at a fairly low continuous intensity. The intensity of this type of training does not change throughout the session, unlike interval training.


LSD training for endurance

Traditionally, LSD training has been used to develop an aerobic base for athletes and non-athletes, can also be used for recovery between higher intensity training. With most sports it is important for athletes to work on speed, and endurance, LSD training works on the latter. If you are a long distance runner, swimmer or cyclist then LSD training is an essential part of your training that will help your body and mind adapt to increased distances.


LSD training for running

LSD training can be done indoors at your local gym or outdoors, whichever you prefer. Personally I love taking my LSD training outdoors and going for a run but it is up to you. This is a super simple run that I do between high intensity days of training:

  • Warm up for 5 mins at 50-60% of HRmax
  • Run for 20 mins at 60-70% of HRmax
  • Cool down for 5 mins at 50-60% of HRmax
  • Stretch


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