Building Your Fitness Brand

fitness brand

As a fitness enthusiast, you will no doubt have found that exercise and physical activity in some shape or another have enriched your life. You may be so passionate about this that you now want to become a fitness professional so that you can help others enjoy the positivity that you have experienced. That is awesome and I can’t recommend it enough but before you do, it is worth thinking about who specifically you want to help and how. There are so many options out there for people who want to become more active and improve their health and fitness it is important that your fitness brand communicates the right message to the right people.

What is your fitness brand?

Defining the term brand is very difficult as it means different things to different people. It could be identified as a logo, name, word, statement, quote, anything that you use to distinguish your product from others. As fitness professionals, we are the brand. Everything we communicate is impacting on our brand. The way you talk to people, how you look, your body language, your online presence, photos, tweets, videos, everything. Your followers and customers are receiving a multitude of information about everything, every day, all day, and amongst those messages will be information they are gathering about you also. They will analyse the information they receive about you, often unconsciously, and form an opinion. The collective opinions of all your followers and customers about you are ‘your brand’. In branding, it doesn’t matter who you think you are, it is about who everyone else thinks you are.

Three Tips for building your fitness brand

1. Communicate the problem you are solving

As a fitness professional, you are helping someone solve a problem. Everyone you meet will have a different problem. You find out what that problem is and you help them solve it.

Example problems

  • I want to run a marathon
  • I want to compete in bodybuilding
  • I want to improve my mental health
  • I want to complete a triathlon
  • I want to improve my health and longevity

As I eluded to in a previous post, you can’t help everyone. We can try but will no doubt end up a jack of all trades and master of none. We will spread our time and energy very thinly feeling stressed and probably quite incompetent. So it is far better to figure out what you do very well and enjoy doing and find those customers that want help with that. Now don’t get me wrong once your a qualified trainer you will be able to help a lot of different clients but to become an authority in a specific area you will want to hone in on something otherwise your message can become a bit muddled.

When I first qualified my website listed every client I could possibly help from bodybuilders to cardiac rehabilitation patients. Upon reflection, it was trying to communicate to so many different individuals that the result was that it communicated to no one. When I decided to focus my message on one thing my enquiries increased and so did my income.

2. Learn to earn

Learn to Earn

When I first heard this quote I thought it was a bit cut-throat but now I totally get it. When recruiting the services of any professional you want to be confident that they really know their subject. Your customers need to be confident you really know your subject. If you market yourself as the go-to girl for getting a bikini body then you need to read, listen and watch everything you can on the subject. Attend seminars, workshops, and network with other professionals that also do this very well. People buy people and will do so if they have a rapport with you, and to do that they must respect and trust you. If you don’t seem confident in your subject customers won’t trust you, and if your subject knowledge isn’t good customers won’t respect you. So get learning and become an authority.

3. Showcase your handy work

We can all talk a good game but if you want your customers to believe you can help them solve their problem they will want to see evidence that you have solved this problem for others. This is where fitness models and competitors can have a little head start as they already have evidence, themselves. They might currently have the physical condition that their customers desire. Or they may have photographic evidence at least. This is a great start but you will also want to start building testimonies from others you have helped. Getting yourself into shape is one thing but getting someone else in shape is another story. Google and social media reviews, video testimonies, and blog posts are all great. Make sure they are presented well and get them out there for your followers and customers to see.

If you want to start off on the right foot, build a fitness brand that your proud of and communicates to the customers you want then book yourself onto my building your fitness brand workshop 🤟

 See you there 😃


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