Handling client complaints

learn how to handle complaints

Customer complaints shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead view them as valuable customer feedback and always deal with them in a positive manner.

Customers that are making complaints may be upset, angry, confused, even delusional, so to prevent the complaint from escalating it is important that a good customer complaint procedure is followed. The following is an example of how a complaint should be handled:

How to handle customer complaints

  • Listen to the customer without interrupting
  • Thank the client for the feedback and bringing the issue to your attention
  • Take ownership of the complaint
  • Be polite
  • Remain calm and never enter into an argument
  • Record the complaint
  • Reassure the customer it will be resolved
  • Advise the client of possible solutions
  • Ensure the client is appease before they leave

Adhering to organisational procedures will help ensure consistency and that everyone is dealt with equally.

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