Handling client complaints

learn how to handle complaints

Customer complaints shouldn’t be taken personally. Instead view them as valuable customer feedback and always deal with them in a positive manner. No organisation is perfect and we all could do things a little better sometimes so if a customer takes the time to give us feedback on how their customer experience could have been even better then we must value always value this.

How to handle customer complaints

Customers that are making complaints may be upset, angry, confused, even delusional, so to prevent the complaint from escalating it is important that a good customer complaint procedure is followed. The following is an example of how a complaint should be handled:

  • Listen to the customer without interrupting
  • Thank the client for the feedback and bringing the issue to your attention
  • Take ownership of the complaint
  • Be polite
  • Remain calm and never enter into an argument
  • Record the complaint
  • Reassure the customer it will be resolved
  • Advise the client of possible solutions
  • Ensure the client is appease before they leave


Adhering to organisational procedures will help ensure consistency and that everyone is dealt with equally.

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