The benefits of having a personal trainer?

The benefits of a personal trainer

With the public becoming more health conscious, along with an increased desire to sculpt the perfect body – personal trainers have never been in such high demand. But what exactly are the benefits of having a personal trainer? Why cant individuals achieve their fitness goals without one and is the cost of a personal trainer really justified. The following is a list of the top 5 benefits of having a personal trainer.


If you are new to exercising regularly the toughest battle is actually just turning up. Putting on your gym gear and walking out the front door is easy in theory, however, many consumer surveys have identified the gym drop-out rate in the UK being as much as 80% in the few weeks of signing up. If you choose to pay for the services of a personal trainer and make a formal appointment with them you will have no choice but to turn up or you will let your trainer down and lose the session that you have purchased. Trainer’s also carryout physical assessments on their clients such as waist and hip measurements to track progress and adherence to the programme and nutrition plan. If you spend the week binge eating and sedentary your trainer will soon find out when it comes to assessment day.



Personal trainers are very passionate about health and fitness and their advice and encouragement gives you an amazing boost in motivation. Trainers will not just provide support during the hour they are with you, they are also available via telephone, social media and email between sessions for extra advice and encouragement. This gives you the confidence you need to achieve your goals and also means you will even look forward to your exercise sessions.


Tailored exercise programme

Personal trainers will write a tailored exercise programme that is specific to your goals, abilities, and preferences. To be really effective an individuals exercise programme is constantly evolving. Personal trainers must constantly tweak, adapt and progress your plan to ensure you are getting results. It is called personal training so trainers try to personalise everything from the nutritional goal setting to the topic of conversation and motivation style.


Nutrition and lifestyle advice

They will also help you address all aspects of your lifestyle to optimise your health and help you achieve your goals, such as nutritional advice and exercise psychology.


Revolutionary training methods

Keeping on top of the all the latest training and nutritional strategies, and deciding which ones are just fads can be really overwhelming. If you have a personal trainer then you don’t need to, as that is their job. They will advise you on what is the most safe and effective approach for you and answer any questions you have. You will no longer have to rely on the advice of your friends or the so-called internet experts, instead you will have access your own qualified fitness expert.


So you see there are lots of  the benefits of having a personal trainer. Although the heading for this article should really be called ‘what are the benefits of a good personal trainer?’ as like any industry there are some professionals out there that we wouldn’t describe as good. However, lets assume that this article is referring to all the good personal trainers that are out there.

Is the cost justified? The cost of seeing a good personal trainer once a week is the same cost as smoking 10 cigarettes a day. I know what I would rather invest my money in!


At Storm Fitness Academy Ltd we provide nationally accredited personal training courses for anyone that wants to pursue a career as a personal trainer. We ensure that our personal trainers are trained to the highest standard before we let them loose on the public. If you are looking for a qualified personal trainer then we can find you one, or if you just want some advice on how to choose a good one then feel free to contact us directly through our website.

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