Are you an overwhelmed fitness professional?

How to stop being an overwhelmed fitness professional

Being a fitness professional can be challenging. Which makes it an exciting profession. However, if you don’t stay on top of things, you will become an overwhelmed fitness professional.

Fear not!

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed if you implement some weekly habits.

Furthermore, your productivity will explode like The Hulk on Steroids!

Habit 1 | Prioritise

Before you begin working, ask yourself:

Is this the most important thing I should be doing right now?

The most successful fitness professionals choose tasks they should be doing, not what they want to be doing.

Habit 2 | Time block

Tasks that must be done regularly should be scheduled into your Calendar and treated like an appointment you can not move. You might think you can fit these tasks in as and when you can, but trust me, you won’t, unless you schedule them.

Habit 3 | Say NO

Learn to say no to requests that distract you from your fitness business vision. If it does not help you move closer towards your fitness business goals, say no.

You may also like to extend this habit to your personal life.

Say no to invites from those friends that are no longer good for you!

It is hard at first but saying no has given me more time and less stress.

Both have a lot of value to me.

Check out this 5-minute video where I explain how I action the three habits.


Action those habits and instead of being an overwhelmed fitness professional, you will be a super-optimised fitness professional.

If you want to learn more ways you can systemise your fitness business then check out Bulletproof Business Course.


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