Action leads to success

At Storm Fitness Academy, we give our trainee PT’s all the resources they need to become brilliant and successful trainers.

A coach

A community

A study portal


Training manuals

If they apply everything they learn from all of those awesome resources they will have an a great career.
However, they can’t do that without learning one of the most important things we teach at Storm, which is the mindset you need to be successful.
We teach our PTs that you can have all the knowledge in the world but it is worth nothing if you don’t apply it.
Listen, learn and take ACTION.
Many people reading this will do the ‘listen’ bit, and perhaps do the ‘learn’ bit but never do the ‘ACTION‘ bit.
Probably because the ACTION bit is scary.
  • ACTION requires stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • ACTION requires trying something new.
  • ACTION requires risking failure.
However, ACTION is an essential component to success.
  • ACTION passes assessments.
  • ACTION gains qualifications.
  • ACTION creates new careers.
  • ACTION builds businesses
  • ACTION fulfils your dreams.
If this all sounds worth it to you, and you would like to join our academy then take some ACTION today and get in touch 🤟
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