A day in the life of my workout and nutrition plan

As a coach and a teacher, I often get asked what my training and nutritional programme looks like. My response will change depending on what macrocycle I happen to be in. I was asked a few weeks ago this question so let me explain how I usually train.

An overview of my training

When it comes to my own fitness I have never really been interested in specialising. I never wanted to be the best at anything. Instead, I liked the idea of being better than most at quite a few things. I also, like the idea of being able to cope with whatever is thrown at me. So when it comes to my training I generally break my training year up into different macrocycles of around 12-weeks. Each macrocycle focuses on something different. 

Example macrocycles

  • General physical preparedness
  • Body composition training
  • Strength and power training
  • Hybrid training

I will cover what each of those macrocycles means in the following articles.

Going off-piste

Although I am a firm believer in following a structured exercise programme there are still times throughout the year when my object of training is just enjoyment. I often refer to this as going off-piste. Off-piste = off programme. Sometimes it is nice to train what I want to train not what I need to. For example, if one day or one week I feel like getting out of the gym and just clocking up some steps hiking over the downs then I do it. It is still going to be good for my physical health and probably even better for my mental health.

In the next article, I will explain what general physical preparedness is and why it is important for us all to work on this before anything else 🤟


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