Five commonly overlooked benefits of exercise

benefits of exercise

When we think about exercise we often associated it with weight loss. However, exercise has way more benefits then that. The following list highlights 5 great benefits of exercise that we often forget about.

1) Better sleep

Those that engage in regular exercise sleep better than those that don’t.  Having a healthy sleep routine has several health benefits itself such as lower stress levels and more energy. 

2) Reduced stress

Exercise is a great stress busting tool. After a good workout you instantly feel less tension and able to cope with the demands of your day.

3) More energy

Strangely, using up some of your energy whilst exercising makes you feel more energised.  This is why going to the gym late at night isn’t always ideal as the buzz you get can keep you stimulated right up until bedtime. Try to exercise no later than two hours before bed time. Personally firs thing in the morning, just before lunch, or immediately after work is best for me.

4) More confidence

One of the first things I notice in my clients within the first three months of training is the big increase in their confidence. Feeling healthier, fitter, and achieving a goal you have set yourself is a big self esteem booster. A well rounded strength training programme also helps improve posture and having good posture naturally makes one feel more confident too.

5) Increased libido

Those that exercise regularly often have a higher sex drive than those that don’t. If your libido isn’t what it used to be try hitting the gym and getting back into shape.

There are so many more benefits of exercise than this. The list is endless. So make sure you build a routine of regular exercise into your life. Make it a priority and start reaping the rewards.

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