Obesity Myths – E-Learning Course
Course Overview

This Obesity Myths E-Learning course will help you to understand some of the prevalent myths surrounding obesity and weight gain and what scientific evidence actually indicates regarding the potential underlying causes. It also investigates one of the major factors outside of calorie intake and exercise that is necessary for successfully managing excess body weight. This course covers the following areas;

  • UK / European obesity trends
  • US dietary trends
  • Obesity vs. calories
  • Dietary trials
  • Energy paradox
  • An individual’s biology
  • Insulin & triglyceride storage
  • Insulin resistance

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This E-learning course offers a selection of instructional videos, tutorials and teaching specifically designed for both time and cost efficiency. The course is approximately one hour long, and contains an online quiz as a way of confirming understanding of the materials studied. Accessible via your tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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