Testimony 2: Rick Howard

12633283_10156423448140394_38626514_o “When I finally got around to it near the end of 2015, I decided to give my career prospects a kick up the butt from a Level 2 Gym Instructor to a Level 3 Personal Trainer, I looked for a new company to do it with as I wasn’t happy with the previous people I did my Level 2 with (they took days to answer really simple questions and always lost my emailed work time and time again). So after a quick google I thankfully found Storm Academy, met with Jon and started the process as quick as I could. Jon took on board my learning style quickly and was always there at the end of the phone or even a quick text when I had what I would call a stupid question 🙂 I passed all of my Level 3 in less than 3 months, it was hard work yes, but Jon’s professionalism, support and personality made it all a pleasure. I’m currently still in my gym job but now also confidently set up as a self-employed Personal Trainer, something I’ve wanted to get done for years. Here’s to the future!”
Rick Howard If you are in the Worthing/Goring area and looking for a great PT contact Rick via: Website: www.live2bfit.co.uk Email: rick@live2bfit.co.uk Facebook: facebook.com/live2bfitpt

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