10 great reasons to get more exercise

Every person that I train has their own idea of what they want to achieve and what their long term goals are. Whether it’s to improve running fitness, increase strength or improve general health most of us have our own motivations for training. If you have not found yours yet then check out the following 10 […]

5 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Fat Loss

When we are trying to lose weight what we are really trying to do is lose fat. There are a number of different ways we can influence fat loss, some are considered healthy forms of fat loss and some aren’t. Our top five nutrition tips that will aid healthy fat loss 1.Eat breakfast You have heard it a […]

Interval Training – An Introductory Guide

Interval training involves structured periods of work and recovery aimed at developing both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. This type of training develops the body’s lactic acid tolerance abilities as well as developing all of the physiological systems involved during continuous (steady state) training . Why use interval training? When exercising at a higher […]