Bitesize study: Common postural abnormalities

The diagram below shows the difference between normal (neutral) posture and some common postural abnormalities. Neutral (normal) – The term that describes a posture that has four natural curves of the spine present and in good alignment. Therefore, decreasing stress on passive structures of the body, such as the vertebrae and ligaments. Lordosis – A spinal deviation which causes the lumbar spine to curve excessively. Can be caused by pregnancy or abdominal adiposity. Kyphosis – A spinal deviation which cause the thoracic spine to curve excessively (hunchback). Caused by tight chest muscle and weak back muscles, common in office workers. Scoliosis – A lateral deviation of the spine. Can be genetic but can also be caused by muscular imbalance between the left and right side of the body. Active IQ, Level 2 certificate in fitness instruction, anatomy and physiology for exercise, the skeletal system (2014) Now assess your understanding via this link HERE.

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