Refer a friend today and get rewarded!

A  FREE £50 Amazon Giftcard in just four simple steps…

Step 1 – Simply enter both your and your friend’s details in the form below.

Step 2 – We contact your friend.

Step 3 – Your friend enrols onto either our standard, advanced or elite pathways.

Step 4 – We email you a £50 Amazon gift card.

Refer a friend

  • Please enter your contact details and the contact details of the friend you would like to refer. We will then get in touch with your friend and if they enrol onto one of our personal trainer pathways we will email you a £50 amazon gift card to say thank you.
  • Make sure you enter your name here so when your friend enrols with us, we know who to send the £50 amazon gift card to.

Refer a Friend Scheme – Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern this Offer. Claim instructions form part of the Terms which you will be deemed to have accepted if you participate. Please read the following Terms carefully and keep a copy for your information.

The Offer

Anyone can participate by registering their name, number and email address above. Upon registration, you will become a referrer.

Friends need to contact Storm Fitness Academy and make a qualifying purchase of either our standard, advanced or elite personal trainer courses.

When a Friend makes a qualifying purchase, you will receive a £50 Amazon gift card within 4-6 weeks, subject to these terms and conditions, delivered by email to the email address used to register (the “Offer”). Gift card only. No cash or other alternatives.

The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Offer may be withdrawn without any notice.

This referral form must be completed prior to the referee’s enrolment in order to be valid.

Qualifying Purchases

A “Qualifying Purchase” is the purchase of either our standard, advanced or elite personal trainer courses.